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Cnsellers Certificate Search Tool is a free service powered by Zhejiang International E-Commerce Services Co., Ltd. It helps you check the registered details of verified export websites which belong to Cnsellers Alliance. Information available from this service includes Site Name and Address, Company Name,  Registered Capital,Location, Main business, etc.You can click the credit symbol
You can click the credit symbol (logo on the export website) or use the Search Tool(enter url name) to check more relevant certification information.

—— What we do? ——

Cnsellers is a Cross Border export B2B E-Supplier Alliance established by Zhejiang International E-Commerce Services Co., Ltd, providing professional IT support and strict certification standard of Chinese export enterprises, earnestly serving every domestic user and oversea buyer.

—— What we are? ——

Zhejiang International E-Commerce Services Co.,Ltd.

As a high-tech enterprise wholly state-owned by Zhejiang International Business Group, we serve global customers by applying information technology to the international trade.

—— About Cnsellers’ Alliance ——

As a technical service supplier, Cnsellers provides a professional and leading information interaction system, which helps Chinese enterprises and enterprises clusters to develop cross-border business.

The logo of Cnsellers Alliance is a sign of membership customized for the exporters that registered on Cnsellers . All websites with this logo are built by Cnsellers and are members of the alliance. Global buyers can view all the websites with the logos via single sign-on (SSO, only need to register once), to achieve the purpose of websites browsing, instant messaging, online ordering and online order tracking.

As an innovative, professional and highly integrated technology services supplier, Cnsellers is committed to building international trade and communication links. Focusing on serving every user in China and abroad in the ever-changing international trade market, Cnsellers is making trade simple and professional.

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